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back + better than ever

March 13, 2011

Hello cyberspace, I’m alisha and I’ve been such a bad internet-er. Actually that isn’t completely true because I’ve been on the internet a lot, mostly trying to up my street cred on twitter, trying to upload more pics to facebook so I don’t look like such a loser and trying to discover new people in my new city via cbusr. I could say I’ve been SO OMG EXTREMELY BUSY or that I was in China and wordpress was blocked, but neither of those are true. In all reality I became complacent.

It isn’t that I shouldn’t love my life as is, I have a really fun internship at CD101, a job that pays (most of) the bills and friends that are fun, BUT it isn’t really how I want to spend the rest of my life. I want a job that embodies all my passions, I want to learn new things and I want to be able to say I’ve accomplished something, no, everything that I’ve wanted.  I’ve always been a positive thinking as a lifestyle person but now I understand that just because I can make the best out of every situation doesn’t mean I shouldn’t also make the best out of every possibility. So this is a promise, to myself most of all, to not sit by and let any more time pass by without trying every second to be the person I want to be.

I know I’m sounding a little SUPER inspirational but it is only because I have been SUPER inspired lately. One of the main reasons for this sudden burst of go is that I have been meeting a lot of people whom have been able to take control of their lives and do with it exactly what they want. These entrepeneurs make everything I want seem within reach. I know that it isn’t an easy path and I know that my attitude right now is better suited for a drum circle than a blog but honestly, I feel like I can make something happen.

I’ve gotten the chance to meet these go-getters by involving myself with TeamCbus, which was a team of five competing on behalf of Columbus in the Chevy SxSW road trip challenge. These challenges were based upon the ability to use social media, video and blogging to bring attention to the team’s city and its assets on a national level. If you have time make sure to go though their challenges because they did an AWESOME job (My favorite was the music video they created!). What was really amazing about the trip was that they were earning money for Adopt-a-Classroom the entire time! The team ended up finishing 2nd. I did get my first opportunity to be in Columbus Media by being in the Columbus Alive! for an article on the team’s Bon Voyage Bash!

Team Cbus!

SO a big thanks to the in-car Team Cbus Nate Riggs (, Eric Leslie (OnScene Productions), Sarah Storer (The Naked Redhead), Elijah R. Young (Social Talk Live) and Mike Whaling (30 lines) as well as supporters Erika Pryor (Digital 411) and Corey Montie (Dimensional Entertainment). Take a minute or many many minutes and check out all their awesome sites!

Now I guess comes the task of catching this blog up to speed on my life. I was going to erase everything before this post and start with a blank slate and pretend I didn’t put my self/professional development on the back-burner for the last nine months but that would just be lying and if there’s one thing I want to always be- it’s honest. Really the only major things that have changed are that I’m blonde and that I live in Columbus. The blonde sorta just happened, I was feeling inspired!


As for the living in Columbus part I have a cute, pretty affordable apartment in German Village with a roommate, Kelley, and her dog, Willy! I live RIGHT across the street from Schiller Park and I can’t wait until Spring/Summer when I can be over there all the time. Apparently they even have a summer Shakespeare series! PERFECT.

Well I think that is all for the moment. I have to go put clothes on for a meeting about working on a super fun project! More info when I’m allowed!

Question for any bloggers reading- have you ever went through a period where you let your blog go unattended? How did you pick it back up? Any tips for regular maintenance?




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  1. April 21, 2011 01:33

    Hi neighbor, one tip for regular maintenance: pick a theme or underlying idea that allows you some consistency (ie. a reason for people to relate to your work/life) but also enough room to change, fail, succeed, learn and teach within the parameters. A great example is this Chicago jewelry designer’s site. She manages to blend career growth with personal growth well:
    She might miss a monthly segment’s deadline…but because she has several categories and subcategories to come back to, it’s probably easier to start again somewhere. Just a thought…although it’s different for everyone!
    Best to you! L.

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