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My last few weeks at ACRN (read: lobsterfest/ laura stevenson/ becoming irrelevant)

June 16, 2010

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of different things, mainly trying to get everything done for graduation (which I will cover in a  later post).

But back to life at ACRN. Let’s go in order, two weeks ago was a show by Laura Stevenson & The Cans with openers She Bears, The Ghost of Asa Phelps and Stomp the Condor. I had the pleasure of getting to hang out with Laura & the cans some during the day and they are all such fabulous people. They recorded an in-studio that I will link to as soon as it is available. I was particularly excited to see them based on the fact that members of Laura & The cans are also members of a band I love very much: Bomb The Music Industry!. I still remember seeing BTMI for the first time with some good friends at the time in a little Cincinnati punk house’s basement. Anyways, the show was exactly what my folk punk heart had been craving for a while and I went home that night with a PBR buzz and Laura’s voice in my head. (I hope that didn’t sound creepy?) Also- you can check out ACRN’s preview article here.

Next, as all good things must come to an end, I was replaced as PR Director by one of my assistants, Melissa Burant. I know she’ll do great things and I’m excited to come back and visit her and the station!

Melissa and I after a riveting game of tic-tac-toe.

And then, always the best way to end every school year, LOBSTERFEST!

check the line-up here:

SO MANY GOOD BANDS! My highlights? Well, day two Southeast Engine was amazing, as per usual. Check them out! They’re on tour all summer with Deerhoof, unfortunately all the dates are out West. Grr. On Saturday the day started off great, but the rain was soon to come. Lobsterfest refused to die however, and moved inside. Let me give you some pics as I run down my favorites:

The Legends of Wrestling: These boys were hilarious. A real life wrestling ring, face paint and people being hit with guitars and florescent light bulbs?!? crazy! More photos seen here.

Coltrane Motion: This duo was captivating and I didn’t look away the entire set, their synth /guitar mixed beats keeping me hooked.

Flotation Walls: Always my loves, the yellow jump-suited gang sucked me in again.

Russenorsk: Even though I attended their last show in September, they reunited for Lobsterfest! Everything about this band is wonderful and I urge EVERYONE  to get their albums, listen + love.

Well, I’m off to work on my summer goal: getting back in shape, look for posts this week about my graduation and my first week as a CD 101 intern!



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