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what happened?! weekend of Feb. 25-28

March 2, 2010

Whew! This past weekend was filled with friends, pizza and pop punk.

Thursday night I got the opportunity to go to the Power 105 radio station, which is Athens’ “Real Music Variety” channel. I went during the Stone Age, which is hosted by Jason Stone aka none other than ACRN’s GM Jason Robinaugh. Jason always jokes about how he gets free food, and the Taco Bell and Donatos that was there did not disappoint. Fellow ACRNer Tate was there too and we both started drooling over their automation system and how easy it was to work with. Much better than our minidisc players at ACRN. We made sure to hear our girls Lady Gaga and Ke$ha before heading out.

Friday night ACRN held a show at my favorite place in Athens, The Union Bar & Grill. (You can read a concert preview written by ACRN staff writer Star Watson here.) Coming in from Illinois were The Gunshy who were complimented by local bands The Ghost of Asa Phelps & Scubadog. My night was made when I got The Ghost of Asa Phelps to end their set with a Lawrence Arms cover! We spent the wee hours after the show with many boxes of Hungry Howie’s pizza and an unfinished Tron.

Saturday was the day I had been waiting for,  and everything about it was perfect! The day began by meeting up with a large group of both current station members and ACRN alum at our favorite greasy buffet, China King. With a few hours to spare we re-watched Tron before heading to Columbus. Rika and I rolled in at about seven- and were immediately dropped off at the Newport. We got inside just in time to see the last half of Fireworks, who I had never seen play before but definitely sparked my interest. Hellogoodbye played next and there is no way to ever describe their music but cute. My friend Varun was especially impressed with the electric ukulele, for which he is currently taking lessons. Saves the Day was third and while I had never really listened to their albums before, I just had to sing along with “At Your Funeral.” And then, what I had been waiting all this time for…NEW FOUND GLORY!

Photo by Rika Nurrahmah

Despite a few kicks in the head from crowd-surfers and Varun catching the sideswipe of a large gentleman’s punch, it was wonderful. They played their whole self-titled album and I don’t think I stopped moving the entire time. When it came time for the encore we made our way to the front and sang word for word with the crowd to such hits as “Understatement” and “My Friends Over You.” SO GOOD! Rika blogged about the night too and you can read her take and see the rest of her pics here.

After the show we met up with alum and my PR director predecessor, Sarah Schaaf. This begun a crazy night that included a Jewish Frat costume party, seeing the president of OSU outside said party, going to another party with a black light room and then finishing up the night with Hound Dogs pizza and Lady Gaga back at Sarah’s apt.

Sunday was a quiet day as Varun, Rika and I made our way back to Athens. The evening was filled with ACRN exec board screenings (and free Little Caesar’s pizza) and I’m very happy to say that Varun Ramanujam is the new Alumni & Investor Relations Director and Tate Galbraith is the new Production Director! But I will miss having Sal Friscina and Chris Kampman on the board. Bah, I’m getting all nostalgic already and I still have a whole quarter left as PR director. Why can’t we just stay 21 forever?!

For the count that’s Domino’s, Hungry Howie’s, Hound Dog’s and  Little Caesar’s pizza. And my vote for the best of the weekend goes to Hound Dog’s!



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